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Sorry for the typos- can't blame my netbook for it either. :-)
It seems to me that the software (outside of PowerSDR) has reached critical mass for actually having the potential  for supporting Flex hardware and offering an alternative.
I think Flex would hate it but love it at the same time. They really haven't been too bad about helping the whole SDR cause considering their position.
Sometimes it's useful to play to your strong suit and Flex is that for the SDR fans around the world. That being said- I'm probably buying an ANAN.



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I plan to support ANAN transceivers from – this will be direct competition for Flex.
Good competition is healthy. Maybe not for the poor programmer (and his dog)…
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I was wondering this morning why no one has attempted to pit their software directly against the Flex offerings?
It would seem to me that (although a loyal base of customers) the large Flex user base have already demonstrated there willingness and commitment to spending money on SDR harware/software solutions.
I think many would buy an alternative ssoftware solution and use both. The catch is TX support.

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