Re: Intel N2600 Netbooks

Walter Hufnagel

Today i testing on a Lenovo(ibm)Idea Centre Q180 with a Intel ATOM
D2700, 2,13 Ghz, that's a DualCore with Quad Logig. 4 GB Ram an a on
Board ATI Radeon 6450 Graphic Card, also ab 500 GB Harddisk.

V2 runs near perfectly, smoothly and good. Sometimes, when more to do, the App. freeze for a while, but in a few seconds runs V2. The Lenovo Q180 is perfectly for Shack, nearly loudless, and you can fix the complete System on a VESA holder on the back of the Screen.

Problems with Atom D2700 you have, when run more than V2, so virtuel audio Cable plus a Decoder (Code3 Platinum) ore another Application, this ist "too much" :-) but for such power Apps I ordered a faster PC.

I have make Tests with 2 VFO, one channel on the left of sound, the other to the right so i can at the same time a stereo record with two different stations (RAF Volmet and Shannon Volmet). But for stereo i must use a extern Prog, i cannot record in stereo, only 1 channel with 1 VFO so i become 2 Files. But the good: V2 + VAC + externe Record Program runs perfect :-) only the latency time are not so good.

73: Walter

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