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Simon Brown



That’s my find of argument. It would be nice to at least cover my costs, which are quite considerable. I will not be doing PayPal donations again though, more probably professional web-based solutions.


But for now at least the software’s not ready…




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Hello Simon


If I can put my two pennies worth in here :-)

I'd welcome a licencing arrangement, with free software for the very basic Softrocks and other basic products etc in order to encourage people to enter the hobby and the world of SDRs.

But if you can afford to spend £600 on a Perseus or Excalibur or an even more expensive product, then surely you can afford to pay what is a relatively small amount for the software?


73s Tracey G5VU


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 Licencing for 2.0 is not decided yet, there are many options. I do have licencing software from Soraco in place. One thing I want to do is ensure that the software promotes the hobby, so I don’t plant to charge for ‘simple’ SDR such as FUNcube. SoftRock etc. Maybe anything up to 200kHz bandwidth is free, or…

 Maybe I would like to generate funds for Amateur radio projects such as AMSAT UK, who knows.

 The SDR market is changing, I will be retiring, QRM coming soon on 160m, 80m and the satellites J



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