Re: NetSDR & MultiPSK


thank you for the advice. I wanted to not use VAC if possible because of the other issues it presents with other programs. But thank you very much for your help.


hb9emo wrote:

I use Virtual Audio Cable (VAC). This software create a virtual sound
card line .Is possible to see also in mixer audio of Windows 7 or XP.
So to decoding the audio from SDR-console i go in sound menu of
program and select output audio not direct to Headset ( or speker) but
to Virtual-line created by VAC .
Then from multipsk go in sound setup and select virtual-line. Now i
can transfer audio from SDR to all sw , and of course also for
multipsk. But still can't heard notting, because audio has not go on
speaker. For resolve this problem is easy: after install VAC i have
found a program named Audio Repeater. Start it and simple select in
audio-in the line-virtual and in audio Out select my real sound card (
where i have phisical speaker or headset). So now i can hear audio and
decode signal.
I hope you understand.

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, "vince48b"
> Greetings,
> is anyone using MultiPSK with there NetSDR? How are you getting the
audio to MultiPSK? My NetSDR is connected to my router and I'm trying
to get the audio to MultiPSK and cannot. Is VAC the only answer?
> Vincent

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