Re: Strange behaviour

jose maria trueba

Beta 952 doesn't work well here, either.
Then I tried Beta 879 and this one works fine.

Something between these two versions is not compatible with my system now, but even beta 1009 used to work fine until today. Weird! 

2012/6/20 jose maria trueba <josemariatrueba@...>

Today I found strange things with beta 1009. 
Frequency was at 4GHz, right after starting console. I couldn't see the waterfall nor the spectrum noise floor. Very weird!

I decided to go back to build 994 to get the same effects plus the "kit expired" sign.
Then I went to old beta 793 and now console works fine, but with kit expired sign on top, of course.

I don't know what may have happened, because 994 and 1009 used to work fine last time I used them. This is a netbook with win7 starter. The other day I updated 20MB of win7 "important updates".
Anybody here with similar problems?
Last windows updates can make console not to work properly?

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