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Depends on how low the local noise floor is ....

If the noise floor goes up alot when the antenna is plugged in ... then no, but if it goes up a little - like 6db, then I would run the SDR off of batteries to see if the noise floor drops with the antenna disconnected....

Your just looking for what your noise floor is and if its bad, what's causing it.

Could be a broadband router giving hash .... wall warts .... etc.

If the noise floor goes up 30db ( like mine ) when the antenna is plugged in ... then the only way ( mostly) to bring the noise floor down is to put up an antenna that receives less local noise ... like a horizontal loop or dipole....


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No .... its the plasma Tv that's radiated all the trash. I have the same problem.

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I seriously contemplating in purchasing a Acopian A5MT1200 power supply. Question, do you think it is worth switching out the unit that came with my NetSDR? I suffer from the usual electrical noises, mainly from my plasma TV. Anyone that has one of these units are that has switch from the original power supply with good results, please let me know. TIA.


Thanks, besides the plasma noise, is it worth the expense in your opinion?
Yes, looks like I do not need the power supply. unplugged it is -130dbm, antenna plugged in goes up to -115dbm. Thanks for the help.


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