Re: Build 381

Jim Miles <jmiles56@...>

No crashes here as far as the console goes.

Win 7 64bit
Signalink USB soundcard

 Server Still crashes after 30 connects or so. 
 Haven't tried 381 on the xp netbook yet but will
When I wake up more.


Jim's iPhone 3GS 

On Aug 13, 2010, at 5:45 AM, "Simon HB9DRV" <simon@...> wrote:




In the Data Decoder please make sure the Auto-Detect option is not selected (you will not see the RSID toolbar). Does it still crash when DD is enabled before you start the radio?


Simon Brown, HB9DRV


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Hi Simon,

Sorry but the console with DD crashes again...

When I start the console and turn the DD on, it's working OK. When I stop the radio and start it again, no crashes. But when I shut down the console and execute it again and turn the radio on, the console crashes (message: please wait and no respons).
The same happens when I changed the speed-slider of the waterfall.

I'am using XP, 1.5 Gb mem and AMD 3000+ and a emu 0202 USB soundcard


--- In sdr-radio-com@..., "philobarb" wrote:
> G'day Simon
> Very nice - and so far no crashes :)
> Two things I've noticed for a while now -
> 1. polar greyline map doesn't update -
> no such problem with the rectangular map
> 2. click on the AF Spectrum tab, then use the mouse wheel
> to change frequency - increments in 2's. Click anywhere else,
> and it reverts to normal.
> I realize that neither of these is critical, but just
> thought that any feedback may be useful.
> BTW, I find that feeding the AF output through CIAOradio
> still improves the final audio result - notch filter please.
> Great work, Simon. Many thanks
> Pete

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